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    Home Loan

    Owner Rate

    8.25% pa


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    Term Deposit

    Twelve Month



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    Business Loan

    Risk Margin applies 

    7.70% pa


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 Exchange Rates

nzd: 1

aud: 0.9351

cad: 0.8894

eur: 0.5737

gbp: 0.5120

usd: 0.6875

xpf: 68.2024

fjd: 1.4036

Based on Bank of Cook Islands Telegraphic Transfer Sell Rate

 Exchange Rates

nzd: 1

aud: 0.9324

cad: 0.8948

eur: 0.5729

fjd: 1.4112

usd: 0.6874

gbp: 0.5134

xpf: 67.7550

Based on Bank of Cook Islands Notes Sell Rate

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Local people, local bank... some things just go better together

  • Fanny Utanga

    Golden Saver

    I am a proud and happy customer of BCI. I recently opened a Golden Saver Account which allows me to receive the old age benefit - I most definitely get treated like royalty as soon as I step through BCI doors.

  • Ngaire Utanga

    My First Saver

    I have two kids who have the “First Saver”. It’s only fitting that children have their accounts with the Bank of the Cook Islands, it is after all the people’s bank and our children are the future of the Cook Islands.

  • Francis Taoro

    Business General Loan

    I hail all the way from Mauke Island. I have a savings account (People Saver) as well as a Business loan with BCI. I enjoy the service, easy communication and benefits that BCI has to offer.

  • Valentino Wichman

    International Transfers

    Kia Orana, I’m Valentino Wichman, just been in the bank to do some Money transfers to New Zealand, it’s the cheapest on the island so I’m taking advantage of the special BCI has at the moment.