Bonus Saver

Bonus Saver

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Bonus Saver

Every month: ONE deposit + NO withdrawals = BONUS INTEREST

Are you looking for an account that rewards you for good savings habits? If so then the BCI Bonus Saver is just what you need.

We have created an account that rewards you with a higher interest rate of 3.25%p.a if there is at least one deposit and no withdrawals in the month. With interest calculated daily and paid monthly your savings are always growing.

So you can chill, while your money makes money. What a bonus.

  • no monthly fees
  • 3.25%p.a Bonus interest with at least one deposit and no withdrawals
  • available to individuals, community organisations and businesses* (*Conditions apply)


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"Bonus saver for me is the incentive I need to put away a little something today for a better tomorrow. 
The beauty about it is that I put something away for a project and the bonus BCI puts in helps me get there a little faster compared to a normal savings account.
Seeing the results after this pushes me to want to put in more.
It’s no longer just a saving …. It’s a partnership."
Meitaki Maata BCI

Maeva Kirikava


Local people, local bank... some things just go better together